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I'm Maria, the M in Shots by M.

Growing up,  everything was documented; we had (and still have) boxes upon boxes, and dozens of albums of photo prints, that held some of our biggest milestones, and even the "ordinary" days, family holidays, road trips, and the in-betweens; and I credit this for all of my excitement in capturing every fleeting, joyous moment from your celebrations that go unnoticed, trust me, you're going to want them all one day.

Shots by M

I've had this pretty epic gig for the past 8 years, taking it full time (finally) for the past 3. 

I take pride in my passion and craft, taking a photojournalistic and artistic approach to capturing your love. 


I want you to know that I will be there capturing ALL of the details.  I like to get into the celebration, make friends with your friends, you can find me on the dance-floor after the formalities, and by the end of the celebration hopefully feel like your family.

So if you're ready,  let's do this!


Nadia Ortuso_Photography-13.jpg
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